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Apple PowerMac G5

512K L2 cache/processor
512MB DDR400 128-bit SDRAM
Expandable to 8GB SDRAM
160GB Serial ATA
Three PCI-X Slots
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
64MB DDR video memory
56K internal modem


Choose from three all-digital, flat panel LCD displays; the 17-inch Apple Studio Display, the new 20-inch Apple Cinema Display, or the 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display. All Apple displays connect to your Power Mac via the ADC (Apple Display Connector), which carries power, digital graphics, and USB signals.
No Extra Charge


Choose the power inside your Power Mac G5
$1799.00 - $2999.00


Save up to $700 on memory upgrades through March 27, 2004. With the 64-bit G5 processor, the Power Mac G5 breaks the 4GB barrier. Power Mac G5 systems support up to 4GB or 8GB of DDR SDRAM depending on model selected. Fast 128-bit DDR memory provides up to 6.4 GBps of memory throughput.
$0.00 - $750.00

Hard Drive

The Power Mac G5 features next generation Serial ATA support with two drive bays for up to 500GB of ultra-fast storage.
$0.00 - $184467440737095424.00

Keyboard Language

Choose a keyboard in a different language.
No Extra Charge